A variety of recently preserved Vintage T-shirts...

"The Shanghai Museum was founded in 1952 that contains some                                                            120,000 objects, considered one of the finest collections of art in                                                    China. In 1996 the museum was relocated to the People’s Square                                                          in the city center and was reopened."  Here

Bob Marley ZION ROOTS T-shirt with Wraparound Drop Shadow Dodecagon Trim Treatment

Home to some of the tallest trees in the world, 
 Sequoia National Park is a humbling place                      to visit.  With  the park's magnificent trees        towering hundreds  of  feet above you, it's                easy to feel small in comparison.

 Located about 80 miles east of Fresno,          California, in the southern Sierra Nevada          mountain range, the park was established                     in 1890 as a measure to protect the giant                trees from being logged."    HERE


Guy Harvey T-Shirt Plaque with Patina Trim

"During the early part of his career, Escher      had some exhibitions of his work, the first        one in 1923 in Siena, Italy in the “Circolo Artistico Senese”. Later in the Hague, in            art gallery “de Zonnebloem”, in Amsterdam,      Leiden etc. During his lifetime, Escher            had a total of 319 exhibitions of his work." HERE

Space Your Face Logo T-shirt from created by Bob Thomas and Bear Stanley in 1969. 

"It started because the band needed a way to easily identify their road cases while out on tour or playing festival-style events with other bands"  ... Here