Copper Patina trim 

"Hans Kornell established Kornell Champagne Cellars in 1958, 
when he bought the Larkmead Vineyard, a property near the town 
of St. Helena that had once been owned by Lillie Hitchcock Coit. 
Mrs. Coit gave San Francisco its landmark Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill."

Paula Kornell started her namesake brand in 2017, carrying on her family legacy,
 including the "Men of Canaan" symbol that graces her wine labels, as they did her father's.


Hand crafted Copper Patina trim

""Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard has blazed his own wine trail for decades. But it’s not just what’s in the bottle that has garnered attention. From Le Cigare Volant to A Proper Claret and beyond, the labels that adorn Grahm’s creations are equally compelling and original. He talks with us about the first labels that captivated him, breaking from the traditional design and his collaboration with a myriad of artists".

"Bascove is one of the rare artists who can pull off the monomial without pretension. She is a brilliant renderer of archetypes and exudes Technicolor. She has produced all of the Il Circo labels as well as those for Syrah,          “Le Pousseur,” A Proper Claret and The Heart has its Rieslings.                  She works in Manhattan."

PlumpJack Estate Winery ~ NAPA VALLEY ~ CALIFORNIA

          This T-shirt graphic shows the original drawing of their Italian screwcap closure bottle.         

                                                            Purple Heart Wood Trim

 "In 2000, PlumpJack took the radical step of bottling half of its 1997 Reserve Cabernet in screwcap and half in cork. For the first time, consumers were offered the opportunity to pay $150 for a wine with a screwcap closure, and it paved the way for other top estates to follow suit." (PlumpJack continues to bottle half of its Reserve output that way, along with a portion of its estate wine.)" More....

"This is “Gordon’s Great Experiment” and a long-term study. Fans of PlumpJack, CADE, and Odette are a part of this experiment. You have the opportunity to taste our wines under both cork and screwcap to see if you can debunk the myth that screwcaps indicate low quality."

"Personally, I believe our wines bottled under screwcap are every bit as good, or even better, than the wines bottled under cork. In fact, when we submit samples to wine critics, we send screwcap. In the last six vintages, we have five Wine Advocate 100-point wines. On top of this, there is zero chance that you will age these very special wines, open them on just the right occasion, only to be disappointed with a cork tainted wine." More...


"In 1832, a young Frenchman, Theophile Vaché, left his family and country to pursue a dream      and a better life. He established one of the first vineyards and winery in the Vineyard District          of San Benito, using the skills he’d acquired from his wine- and brandy-making family, and                becoming a pioneer of the California wine industry. Theophile’s three nephews joined him on        this adventure. The four founded a wholesale importing business of fine wines and spirits in          the heart of downtown Los Angeles, calling themselves “Vaché Freres.” In 1883, the brothers    moved to Redlands to fulfill their dream of building their own winery. They found a perfect              site next to a running brook…and Brookside Winery was born." More...

Santa Barbara County Vintners 

The Santa Barbara Vintners is a non-profit 501 (c) 6 organization founded in 1983 to support        and promote Santa Barbara County as a world-class, authentic wine producing and wine grape growing region. The association produces festivals; educational seminars and tastings; and provides information to consumers, trade, and media. The organization’s mission is to promote      the wine and grape industry of Santa Barbara County and, in doing so, bring favorable media coverage to the area and help support the tourism industry which is vital to the region. More

"In its 38th year, the Santa Barbara Vintners Festival is truly the Original Santa Barbara Wine FestivalThe highlight of the weekend is the Festival Grand Tasting on October 8, 2022.  Enjoy          new release wines from over 70 participating member wineries, tastings from more than 30        food purveyors - including regional restaurants, caterers, food artisans and farmers, live music, wine and culinary demonstrations, local artisans, participation in the silent auction, and free parking  all included in the ticket price." More

"Inspired by the women’s suffrage movement, we drew our name from the 19th century 
French bicycle manufacturer, the Gladiator Company, and honor their iconic art on our 
wine label. The red-haired maiden soaring through the sky on her bicycle symbolized 
the new liberation of women from their homes after centuries of repression. Bicycles, 
as Susan B. Anthony praised, literally emancipated women from domesticity, allowing 
them to travel outside their households to work and vote.

Over a century later, this powerful artwork still resonates with wine lovers across the                 country.  Adam LaZarre, acclaimed and multiple award-winning winemaker, is at the                      helm, and has been since our beginning. Having lived in Paso Robles for more than                        twenty years, Adam is extraordinarily connected to his community and the winegrowers                      in the area. Cycles Gladiator wines continue to benefit from these longstanding viticultural relationships, providing us with access to standout fruit every year. " More...