Although bison are usually considered a prairie species, they occupied a diversity of habitats ranging from boreal forests to desert regions (Van Vuren 1987). Associated with their wide ecological tolerances, some bison populations now occur in areas not previously occupied by the species, including Catalina Island, California.

 Bison are not native to coastal regions of California or the Channel Islands (Roe 1970). 
Additional historical detail will follow, but between 1924 and 1935, 23 bison were introduced 
to Catalina Island to film a movie (Gingrich 1974), and the small bison herd increased until 
around 400 bison roamed across the island  by the 1960s."                                                                                  Here...

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      A Recognition and Celebration of Printed T-Shirt Art 

  As a Uniquely Transcendent and Global Cultural Phenomenon

Description of the LUXLife GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD...

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 A Recognition and Celebration of Printed T-Shirt Art 

  As a Uniquely Transcendent and Global Cultural Phenomenon

The popularity of screen printed T-shirts, which matured as an art form in the late 1970s, has had           a profound influence on our cultural, political, and artistic development. As heirs to the successes          of obscure as well as prominent poster artists, knowingly or unknowingly, modern T-shirt artists          have grown and expanded that legacy while creating a distinctly new art form. The “T-shirt as art'' phenomenon, as we know it today, is a direct descendant of posters.

This art form consists of inexpensive wearable canvases, artistically inspired graphics, and a multitude    of printing processes. These range from centuries old printing techniques, to the high-tech four color process, dye sublimation, and the state-of-the-art digital printers presently use. High end printers are reproducing some of the world's greatest art, breathing new life into old artworks that are proving to      be of interest to consumers of visual art today.

Self Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887 

"Van Gogh's compassionate heart and interest in individual character - plus the wish of this lonely man to know himself and others - find expression in his portraits.

Van Gogh was probably more interested in the human face than other Impressionists, whom he encountered for the first time in 1886." Here

The 1998 book that accompanied the        Smithsonian's traveling Exhibition. 

"A landmark exhibition of compelling subject, Posters American Style, assembles posters that speak to today' s audience of    cultural concerns and a need for action.

The exhibition, organized by The National Museum of American Art, examines how posters act as invitations to the public and will include posters that have employed innovative and accomplished pictorial means to invite the American public to engage in a wide variety       of events and issues.

 In one way or another, all the things Americans care about have found their way onto posters. "Uncle Sam Needs You," "Save the Planet," and the "The Wrath of Grapes -- Join the Boycott.. .Again" -- catchy phrases that respond through our history, all became a part of our collective consciousness through posters."  Here

Similarly, this description of posters from the Norton Museum's presentation of the      1998 Exhibition can now be said about              T-shirts as well. 


This poster by the Master Jules Cheret captures perhaps more than any other, the entire Art Nouveau period and its focal point, the world famous  "Moulin Rouge".  Here


Below is the famous Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec   "Jane Avril" poster art printed on a 1990 Hickory  Museum of Art  T-shirt from my collection, essentially a "Wearable Poster". 

About Art Nouveau Posters..

"Compared with the other new art forms that arose toward the close of the last century, posters achieved the status of “art” rather more rapidly than most.        The reason, perhaps, is the number of distinguished artists–such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, and Beardsley–who quickly turned to the poster form.     

 Without the infusion of their talents and prestige, posters might have had to wait as long as movies      did to be recognized as works of art in their own    right. A longer resistance to the poster as art would probably have been inspired less by its “impure”    origin in commerce than by its essential dependence on the process of technological duplication. Yet it is precisely this dependence which makes the poster      a distinctively modern art form."  Susan Sontag

T-shirt artists have also turned their creativity loose on a multitude of contemporary iconic subjects. They include people, places and events of all description, as well as politically and artistically driven subjects. 

These efforts have coalesced to create their own remarkable legacy, one that records the breadth and essence of the modern human condition. In doing so, they have blurred the lines between art, craft, culture, and commerce while creating an eclectic global industry    along the way that is projected to reach        $30 billion by 2025.  

Here and below are both sides of a two sided  one off art T-shirt that was created  the "Batik" process...                                                                                                                      "Batik is an ancient art that has been carried forward for thousands of years. It is practiced in countries like Indonesia, Middle East, Thailand, Africa, Malaysia, India, China, Philippines, and other countries. The exact origin of batik is not known, but it is widely common on the island of Java, Indonesia. It is believed, when the art of batik was first practiced in Java, it only belonged to royal families and wealthy people." Here

This beautiful T-shirt from the Smithsonian      Institution celebrates the opening of the              opening of the National Museum of the            American Indian on September 21, 2004.

"Its mission is to "recognize and affirm the historical and contemporary culture and cultural achievements of the Natives of the Western Hemisphere by advancing—in consultation, collaboration, and cooperation with Natives— knowledge and understanding of Native cultures, including art, history, and language." Here

Vintage French Bicycle Poster from 1895 printed on a  CYCLES GLADIATOR WINE 
The poster, below, dates to 1895.


"The last part of the speech took less time to deliver than it takes to boil   an egg, but “I Have A Dream” is one of American history’s most famous orations and most inspiring.

On Aug. 28, 1963, from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. began by speaking of poverty, segregation and discrimination and how the United States had reneged on its promise of equality for Black Americans. 

If anyone remembers that dystopian beginning, they don’t talk about it.

What is etched into people’s memory is the pastoral flourish that marked the last five minutes and presented a soaring vision of what the nation might be and the freedom that equality for all could bring."         Here

"In 1887, Vincent van Gogh experimented with the pointillist technique espoused by Seurat, who used it in such works as A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. In one of his many self-portraitsSelf Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, Vincent utilizes tiny points of light-reflecting color to reveal a sharp-featured man with the world-weary expression of someone who has seen more than his share of hardship."                                                HERE                                                     


In the final paragraph of the 1998 book that accompanied the Smithsonian Institure's landmark     traveling exhibition, "Posters American Style",        (here on left) the following point is made about posters that also applies to T-shirts:                            

"Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of American  posters is their genius for mirroring and enlarging American cultural issues. They mix art and commerce; they picture many forms of advocacy.

Although we recognize that our response to many early American posters involves nostalgia for the times and events of our history, the most significant thread in our response to posters of all periods        is a willingness to accept the disappearance of      the distinction between high and low art.                  This is American Style."   (From the introduction)                    

I discovered "Posters American Style" while searching for information on this Mouse Kelley    graphic on a Grateful Dead T-shirt that is now        part of my collection. (All the T-shirts on this  website were bought on Ebay from 2007 to 2021). 



     The image above is from a T-shirt, the               poster image scans from the book are below...

The Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco was            known for their iconic Rock Posters, this  one      above being one of the most famous of those.                                           

"Undoubtedly the most famous poster from the Family Dog series, as well as the most recognized image ever used by the Grateful Dead. The central image is a drawing done by Edward Joseph Sullivan, a late 19th and early 20th century artist." Here


HIBITION March 1998

1990s "The Rock Poster Society" T-shirt

Everything you need to know about TRPS is in their Youtube video.  Definitely worth a look  Here...

"This image of a young woman and her mirror reflection is riotous in color and chockablock          with pattern. It is one of the last in a major series     of canvases that Picasso created between 1931    and 1932. According to The Museum of Modern    Art’s founding director, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Picasso said he “preferred this painting to any of the others,” which speaks to the painting’s dazzling visual and thematic complexity. Its primary subject is the      time-honored artistic theme of a woman before      her mirror, reinvented in strikingly modern terms." Here

Unusual high tech print of a visually impressive image.

"The Hubble Space Telescope is a joint ESA/NASA project and was launched in 1990 by the Space Shuttle mission STS-31 into a low-Earth orbit 569  km above the ground. During its lifetime Hubble has become one of the most important science projects ever." Here


"The Ethiopian script is not strictly speaking          an alphabet, but what is called a syllabary.            This  means that each letter or symbol usually represents a whole syllable. There are thirty      three basic shapes. These generally represent      the consonants followed by the vowel ä.         

The basic shapes are altered in various ways          to indicate a different vowel following the base consonant." Here

Not only very rare and educational, this shirt shows the understated elegance of a low tech, one color 
print of a stunning graphic.  "Made in Ethiopia."

Today this art form has become more significant, global, and ubiquitous than its predecessor poster artists could have ever envisioned. T-shirt artists create mobile works of art that have effectively turned the realm of public interaction into the world's most visited and unique art gallery. During the last thirty years, T-shirt graphics have become the most creative, diverse, and universally dominant form of public art. 

My intention is to  present a compelling narrative, predicated on the images themselves and their shared lineage, that celebrates and promotes the art and its artists’ own remarkable but as yet under-appreciated legacy. 

Chaz Winkler ~ Chaz@IconsonCotton.com

Smithsonian Tie Dyed T-shirt Marking the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Landing on the Moon

"On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed in the Lunar Module Eagle and became the first humans to step foot on the lunar surface while astronaut Michael Collins orbited above inside the Command Module, Columbia."                         Here     

Unwrapping Buzz Aldrin's Visor in Moon Landing Photo Reveals What He Saw...

"The photo shows a clearer view of Armstrong standing next to the Eagle lunar lander operating the chest-mounted Hasselblad camera. The “pale blue dot” of the Earth            is seen in the upper right of the frame."                                                      Here

“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.” 

"In the eyes of millions of his fellow Indians, Gandhi was the Mahatma (“Great Soul”).              His fame spread worldwide during his lifetime    and only increased after his death. The name Mahatma Gandhi is now one of the most universally recognized on earth."        HERE


Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon in July, 1969          from the Smithsonian T-shirt above.

"Why Limited-Edition Art Merch for Monet and Van Gogh Keeps Selling Out"

"Cheeky hats and T-shirts honoring artists are trending among the art-and style-cognoscenti"


Putting historically important artworks on high quality T-shirts has become 
a vital source of support for fine art galleries, museums, and Institutes, 
like these two from the Chicago and Detroit Institute of Arts.

Perhaps the most culturally and globally significant T-shirt in history is this                   "LIVE AID' shirt  from the first of many            such concerts in July, 1985.


"Despite bruised egos, controversy and several notable no-shows (Prince and Michael Jackson to name but two), the event was a huge success and set the template for subsequent fund-raisers. Geldof's own website estimates that the shows raised £150 million for famine relief."                                                     Here

"Saint Basil the Blessed, also called Pokrovsky Cathedral, Russian Svyatoy Vasily  Blazhenny or Pokrovsky Sobor church, constructed on Red Square in Moscow between 1554 and 1560 by Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible)."                                                                                Here

"Peking opera is a performance art incorporating singing, reciting, acting, martial arts. Although widely practiced throughout China, its performance centers on Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. Peking opera is sung and recited using primarily Beijing dialect, and its librettos are composed according to a strict set of rules that prize form and rhyme.          

They tell stories of history, politics, society and daily  life and aspire to inform as they entertain." HERE

Like Museums and art galleries, wildlife preservation groups have used high end 
printed T-Shirt graphics to support their   
global conservation efforts.

"Ducks Unlimited is now the world's largest and most effective private waterfowl and wetlands conservation organization. DU is able to multilaterally deliver its work      through a series of partnerships with      private individuals, landowners, agencies, scientific communities and other entities."



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Phone: ~ 252-564-5317 ~

The Artwork From an English Heritage T-shirt

"One can almost hear the crack of thunder as the roiling black clouds burst into sheets of heavy rain, scattering the huddled shapes on the bridge below. On the blue-gray expanse of the Sumida River, a solitary boatman poles his log raft downstream past the area known as Atake, impervious to the storm. 

The undisputed masterpiece of the series, this print was accorded the honor of a copy in oil by Vincent van Gogh, now in Amsterdam." Here

"Like other high peaks in the region,    Mount Everest has long been revered by local peoples. Its most common Tibetan name, Chomolungma, means “Goddess Mother of the World” or “Goddess of the Valley.” The Sanskrit name Sagarmatha means literally “Peak of Heaven.” 

Its identity as the highest point on              the Earth's surface was not recognized,    however, until 1852, when the governmental Survey of India          established that fact."  Here

"Located in People's Square, Huangpu District, the center of Shanghai, Shanghai Museum is a large museum of ancient Chinese art. Its style  and presentation surround visitors  with artifacts demonstrating ancient wisdom and philosophy. The exterior design of the 
round dome and the square base symbolizes the ancient idea of around heaven and a square land."  Here

"WCS envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth."   Here

"Illustration of zebras blended into a bar code symbol with black text above and below on a white background."  Here

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Elegantly Simple 5 Color Screen Print 
1983 America's Cup Sailing Yacht Race
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The History of the Slogan T-shirts:

How simple words on a garment can help 

bring about social and cultural change...

    "Slogans work on so many different levels; they're almost subliminal. 

They're also a way of people aligning themselves to a cause. 

They're tribal. Wearing one is like branding yourself!"   Here


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