Classic 1970's "Greetings From Kitty Hawk" T-Shirt, One of the Earliest Plaques I Made in 1982

Vintage T-shirt from the Iconic Nags Head  Casino Ballroom

This T-shirt graphic artwork and the one seen below were the first T-shirts I  "poured" in April, 1981


In the Spring of 1981 I was doing my laundry at a local laundromat here on the Outer Banks,a resort area on the coast of North Carolina. I moved to the area in 1980 to surf. As the son of a graduate from the US Naval Academy who was a career Submariner, we were frequently stationed in San Diego in the 1960’s, where I was born in 1954. While living on Point Loma for 7 years, home of the vibrant bohemian beach community of Ocean Beach, surfing became an integral part of my life. 

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A few days before my trip to the laundromat, I had lost one of my favorite T-shirts on a trip to a surf spot in the CAPE HATTERAS NATIONAL SEASHORE known as “The Boiler". Although I can’t remember now which shirt that was, I do remember making the drive back down there to see if I could find it and being disappointed that it was nowhere to be found. 

While folding my laundry that day, I thought how bummed out I would be if I were to lose the two Bob Marley shirts from the 1970’s I had just washed (pictured here). That was the inspiration for what would become the idea I went on to Patent four years later. The next day I took some epoxy resin I had been using to mount some of my photos and concert flyers on wall plaques  and used it on the two Marley T-shirts, creating the first of thousands of T-shirt graphics have preserved over the past 40 years.

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Closeup of my preserved T-shirt above from a June, 1978 concert      at the CAPITAL CENTER ,   Landover Maryland.
One of the first T-shirt plaques: A silk screened one                                       color  graphic from the 1973 Wailers album, "BURNIN" 

Hand Painted Graphic on 1977 Santana Fan Club T-Shirt

Classic Early Style with Wood Grain Showing Through the Resin Soaked Graphic

Rare 1977 Santana T-shirt from the Santana Fan Club

Early style T-shirt Plaque from the Original Groundswell Enterprise logo, 1986

Business Card on Back of the Plaque Below

My 1983 ESA Contestant T-shirt Plaque with Pocket

Preserved Pocket with "Heart Print"

Closeup of Screen Print on Back of the Shirt